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Midstakes MTT Discussion and analysis of midstakes MTT strategy

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Leia Amidala
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PSKO value of the bounty

during the past couple of weeks i have read a couple of articles and seen some vids (mainly on run it once) about how to give a chip value to a bounty. But there doesnt seem to be a consensus. THere seem to be 2 main lines of thinking:

Suppose we are playing a PSKO (no reg KO), where we buyin for 100$. 50$ goes to the regular prize pool, and 50$ goes to the KO prizepool. Say we get 1000 chips.

1) we pay 100$ for 1000 chips. When we knock a player (with a starting bounty) out, we receive 50/2=25$. Therefor a single knockout is worth 1000/4 = 250 chips ( = 25% of starting stack)

2) we pay 100$, but only 50$ goes to the regular prizepool. We get 1000 chips to win that prizepool. So 50$ is worth 1000 chips. And thus a bounty of 25$ is worth 500 chips ( =50% of prizepool)

Whats your opinion on this?

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Re: PSKO value of the bounty

IMO, $50 should be treated as a separated buy-in for 1000 chips, so 2).
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