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Cash Game Poker Coach Listings This forum consists of threads by poker coaches who have paid for the privilege of beginning a thread with their details. All users are welcome to participate in these threads.

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Old 12-29-2008, 11:03 AM   #1
See my coaching listing
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Micro-Stakes Full Ring Coach (Over 350 Happy Students!)

Hey everyone. I am offering full ring coaching for everything under 100NL. I have been coaching for about 4 years and have coached over 350 different students. I take a lot of pride in the coaching I do and spend a lot of time and effort not only improving my students' game...but also my coaching and teaching practices. Currently, I offer a few different session types: sweat sessions, HH reviews, video review, theory/discussion sessions, exercises (collections of HHs based around specific subjects), and also LeakFinder (a 2 part package where 1hr is spent going through your DB and finding statistical leaks, and the next hour is spent fixing those leaks via any session type that you prefer)

I am author of the book “Dynamic Full Ring Poker: Beyond The Basics” and have released numerous training videos. My most recent premium video package was “The 100K System: Crushing 50NL In 2012” which was also released under DailyVariance. I was a Stox Poker coach, am on the CardRunners roster (James “SplitSuit” Sweeney), and am a mod on 2p2. I put my students first and am very flexible with everything from timing of sessions to topics discussed. My rates are:

Normal: $85/hr. Rates go down to $75/hr if you take at least 3hrs, and they go down further to $60/hr if you take at least 3hrs and play 10NL and lower)
LeakFinder: $90-$150 (for the whole 2hr package)
Dynamic Full Ring Poker Book: $10 for the ebook/$37 for paperback (original price tag was $97 for the ebook)
Crushing 50NL In 2012 Videos: $197 (33% off the original $297 price tag)

(please note that winrates are in BB/100, so it comes out to 3.7bb/100 all while playing 12+ tables)

(this was my small sample played before BF)

(this is my 50NL graph)

* In full disclosure, I haven't played regularly online since Black Friday although I still play some live in Vegas. However, I am still more than able to help micro players increase their skills and improve their winrates. After coaching so many players my ability to teach poker concepts has only improved and I am dedicated to helping students learn, improve, and understand poker.

(read below for reviews from current and past students)

I also make training videos for my personal site:

If you are interested in any coaching, feel free to either shoot me a PM, or email me at splitsuit[@] If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!


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Re: FullRing Coach (Stox Coach) for micro-small (+Database analysis!):

I wanted to give a shout out and thanks to SS and mpethybridge regarding their LeakFinder package.

I've been playing the micros/small for what seems like forever and just kind of got "stuck" and my game felt "stale". I saw this program on SS's website, shared a couple of initial emails with SS and made the decision to do the Leakfinder program. I'm glad I did.

I found both sessions to be fantastic and they were conducted very professionally. I was worried about being intimidated and having my game ripped to pieces but they both were respectful and took the time to answer even my most basic questions.

From lurking on these forums and reading the stats threads, I knew the basic stats to look for and what is considered "good" but in the stats session with mpethybridge, we dived much deeper and he taught me the "hows" and the "whys" of what the stats mean and provided some helpful tips to improve. More importantly, I learned how to utilize the tools and filters found in HEM to better analyze my game and find leaks that I didn't even know how to find prior to the LeakFinder session. After the initial session with mpethybridge, mpethybridge does a detailed write-up of your weaknesses and areas you need to work on based on your stats and forwards it to you and to SS. SS then utilizes that as the starting point for his coaching session with you.

My coaching session with SS was great. I've never had coaching before and was nervous/apprehensive but SS is great to work with. He is very flexible with the methods he uses to teach so that you can learn in the manner that is best for you vs. him using a "cookie-cutter" approach to coaching (for example, we reviewed a video I made vs. doing a sweat session because I felt more comfortable doing it this way). He was very patient in explaining key concepts and going over things I wasn't quite getting the first time through.

From just these initial sessions alone, I feel my game has improved and I don't feel "stuck" anymore. I still have much to improve on so I plan to continue on with coaching from SS. If you are looking for a micro-to-small coach, I highly recommend SS and utilizing the Leakfinder session with mpethybridge -- it is definitely worth the money invested (which I might add, the price for the Leakfinder and SS's coaching are very reasonable, IMO).

Thanks, and well done mpethybridge and SS!
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Old 12-31-2008, 07:56 PM   #3
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Re: FullRing Coach (Stox Coach) for micro-small (+Database analysis!):

I am a live (mostly) NLH tournament player, who has been trying to learn to play cash online. I spent hours reviewing my own stats, but could not figure out what changes I needed to implement. Then I found mpethybridge.....

mpethybridge took my stats from PokerTracker and reviewed them for me. He was able to point out several BIG leaks in my game and then provided step-by-step instructions to correct them.


I am so grateful for the time you spent helping me. It is appreciated more than words can even express. I am working diligently to follow your suggestions. I noticed immediate improvement in my cash winnings.
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Old 01-01-2009, 05:47 AM   #4
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Re: FullRing Coach (Stox Coach) for micro-small (+Database analysis!):

First of all: Happy new year to everybody!

I was a 22/6/4 at NL10 in August. Now I am 13/10/4 at NL50 with the same win rate like at NL10.

I watched Splits videos and learned a lot how to improve to a TAG winning player.

mpethybridge reviewed my NL10, NL25, and NL50 stats. He found some leaks, which I would have never found alone. So I can really appreciate this service.

Regards, Digga
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Old 01-02-2009, 06:57 PM   #5
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Re: FullRing Coach (Stox Coach) for micro-small (+Database analysis!):

I have had a couple of sessions with James (SplitSuit) and I must say that his coaching style and content is well worth the money if you are in the full ring micro's.

He has sweated me playing and now we have moved into the 'classroom', make no mistake this is no easy ride, he doesn't tell you want he thinks you want to hear but he questions your thought process and get you figuring out why you should make certain plays.

The great thing is that it is obvious that James knows his stuff, he plays at these limits which means he knows what will work and what won't against the players you encounter at the micros.

I did agonise for a while on wether to make this post, it's a similar scenario when you find a real juicy game, you want to tell your mates about it but at the same time you want to keep the easy money for yourself. However given the value I am getting from the coaching with Splitsuit I thought it only fair to him that I spread the word on how good his coaching is, even if it does make the players I play against better.

If you need a very good coach then look no further, try him for a couple of sessions, if you do I guarantee you will sign up for more.
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Old 01-04-2009, 04:29 PM   #6
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Re: FullRing Coach (Stox Coach) for micro-small (+Database analysis!):

I was interested in identifying some leaks within my full ring game. I thought this would be a great addition to some FR coaching I had taken previously. The value in this “Leakfinder” package is priceless. The professionalism and information I gained from the statistical review and sweat session has given me added weapons to my arsenal. Thanks SS and Mpethybridge. Knowing you two has made my game stronger!
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Old 01-05-2009, 06:44 AM   #7
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Re: FullRing Coach (Stox Coach) for micro-small (+Database analysis!):

split will def improve your theory and knowledge for full ring and i highly recommend him.
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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: FullRing Coach (Stox Coach) for micro-small (+Database analysis!):

Originally Posted by toreds View Post
does the "leakfinder" only work for full ring or also 6max??
I've done some 6 max stats analyses for 6 maxers who posted in our stats thread in uFR either because 6 max doesn't have one or the poster posted in the wrong forum.

I also play (and win) a little 6 max on both FT and Stars, though I consider myself a FR player.

Still, if you are struggling at $50 6 max or lower, i can probably spot a few leaks. PM me your stats if you like.
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Old 01-13-2009, 06:06 PM   #9
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Re: FullRing Coach (Stox Coach) for micro-small (+Database analysis!):

I have done a few sessions with Split now and I can definitely say that it's already improving my game. I was at 10nL towards the end of last year and I decided I am really going to work on my game. We all know time is money but I don't think we really put enough thought into opportunity cost. Right now I am in the position of having a decent paying job but at the same time I didn't want to burn money on poker or pay for coaching with too much out of pocket cost. I was loosing interest playing for such small money compared to my lol-workament. So I decided to try out coaching despite the hourly rate being an amount that took a bit of effort to grind out. After just two sessions I could already see the benefits to my game. Nothing beats 1 on 1 attention from somebody you know is going to give you good advice. I know that Split will not only gives me good advice but he's also a colorful character and fun to work with. He seems like a decent guy which is why I felt compelled to give him some props in this thread.

Under his guidance I've moved up to 25 and my game is progressing. I still have a long way to go to reach my goals in terms of bank roll, hourly, skill, etc but I'm very confident I'm making faster progress than I could on my own, hence the consideration of opportunity cost. My time is too valuable to me to waste it making slower progress than I know I'm capable of. If you feel the same way, definitely consider taking on Split's services.

In biology and engineering there is a concept called positive feedback in which some of the output goes back in as input, creating more and more output as time goes on, spiraling out of control if left unchecked. The first few coaching sessions, it was a challenge to grind the $ for each session. After only a few sessions I already see the benifit and it's getting easier to grind out the $ for new sessions, which should in turn make it easier to grind out even more $ and so on. So even though I felt a litte foolish taking on a coach at such a low level, I already feel the positive feedback effect taking place and I know I made the right choice.

Feel free to PM me for an update or if you have any questions. Just stay away from me on the tables if you decide to get coaching!
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Endorsement for LeakFinder Service

I took advantage of the Leakfinder package offered by Split and Mpethybridge.

After sending Mpethybridge summary stats from Poker Tracker, we scheduled a time to review my database in detail. I play $200 NL Full Ring and beat the game for 2+/BB/100. Still, there are many leaks in my game and I'm using coaching to improve my win rate.

Mpethybridge's db review is worth every penny of the modest Leakfinder fee. There may many facets to a winning game from positional play, to bet sizing to blind play to isolating opponents, etc. A winning player has a handle (or feel) for many but is missing the boat on a few.

Mpethybridge's analysis will quickly pin point a few things that can instantly be added to your game to increase your earn.

I'm sure I recovered the entire Leakfinder fee in a day of playing.

By the way, just watching a number junkie like Mpethybridge take over your Poker Tracker, run queries and filters and pin point key areas is beneficial. There are a lot of numbers and Mpethybridge helps you get to some important ones (for example, how do you do on hands that look like this -- you bet preflop, you continuation bet the flop, you call the turn and you call the river). These can be nasty hands and Mpethybridge helps you take a look at many things like this.

Next, Mpethybridge sends a written summary of his analysis to both you and Split. Split then contacted me for a sweat session. The first sweat session with any coach takes a little time for him to get a handle on your game. However, the ramp up with Split was nearly instantaneous because Mpethybridge gave him a heads up as to what to look for.

Putting this package together was a great idea. I highly recommend it and I will be scheduling more coaching time with Split as well as a f/u database anaylsis with Mpethybridge.
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Re: FullRing Coach (Stox Coach) for micro-small (+Database analysis!):

Guys, that leak finder package is awesome.

I had my session with mpeth. about 4-6 weeks ago and i really loved it. I payed ONCE for the DB analyses and the sweat sesh and i was talking at least 5 times about my stats with mpeth.This guy really knows what he's talking about. If i remember right, he has done ~ 300 such DB sesh's and really knows where are u leakin'.

Just read this:

He was trying to find a leak in my game (~5ptBB @ NL25) for 4 hrs. I got great tips, but he wasn't really finding any leaks at all. Aft5er ~ 3 hrs he found a kind of a leak. We were talking about specific hands, specific situations, blind battle here, opening range from pos XX,... etc. etc. etc.

I can really vouch for this leak finder "thing".

I got a sweat sesh w/ james and i booked str8 after that one another one

My game has improved to about 5-6 ptBB @ NL25 @ ~ 100k sample size. I moved up to 50nl and beat the games with ~8ptBB @ 15k hands and moving up to 100NL soon. I had the sesh's with those two guys and within 6 weeks i moved from 25nl to 100nl.

Those guys are def not worth the money, they should def get payed 400% of what they charge

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Re: FullRing Coach (Stox Coach) for micro-small (+Database analysis!):

@Split: Do u mind starting skype
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Thumbs up Re: FullRing Coach (Stox Coach) for micro-small (+Database analysis!):

I can only second all the good things said about that package itt. Instead of wording my delight in a different way to prior posters, I just want to post two NL25 graphs of mine.

1) Pre Leakfinder

2) Post Leakfinder

Thank you guys for a great service

I now have the roll to take shots at NL50, but I first want to grind out a couple of thousand hands more, to consolidate. Also, NL25 just is so much fun atm. And when I move to NL50 I want to arrange more hours with Split too, I just don't want to cash out atm and lack a real life roll that leaves room to pay for luxury.

*Split* and mpethybridge = teh nutz
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Re: FullRing Coach (Stox Coach) for micro-small (+Database analysis!):

a heads up to you micro guys considering whether a chunk of your 'roll is worth coaching. no "testimonials" here on what a cool guy your fellow 2p2er Split is, or the fact he has a ton of patience in working with "over the hill" guys. i won't even tell you about the emails, skype, or willingness to share his knowledge with you. what i will do is show you a garf of my foray into full ring play.

i began on 6/29 after taking a few days to fully watch Splits Back to Basics and Kiss the Ring series a couple of times each. i was in a funk, playing the same game and getting the same results... a break and a switch in games was needed, imo. tbh, it took me quite some time to really commit to shipping $$$ to a "coach", but i liked the way Split came across on his vids.

i shipped $$$ from 'stars for two sessions and after the first coaching session at the end of august, in addition to watching his SuperLAG vid, i opened up my game from a nitty 12/10, to a +/- 15/12 (yeah i'm still a nitty mutha but i'm changing! LOL) then i thought, wtf i'll take a shot at the fiddy since he told me he thought i'd do alright based upon what he saw so far... that piece of advice, along with a couple of immediate tweaks i picked up, was worth every penny! we had an hour session scheduled but it went a bit over and James was very cool with that. i think i have maybe a 20 minute session left??? LOL

anyhow, PM if you have any questions or other needs i might be able to help you with. bottom line??? yeah, $75-$100/hr for a session or two is investing INTO yourself and it should pay nice DIVIDENDS to you.

* now i hope the DSO takes mercy on my soul for posting this garf, but here ya go!

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say 'what' again
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Re: FullRing Coach (Stox Coach) for micro-small (+Database analysis!):

so how do i decide if i can get more out of the leakfinder or from split as a straight up coach ?
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