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Improving in chess

Hey guys,

I am a complete fish @ chess, but i do have some spare time now (a few weeks) that i would like to invest in studying the game and improving as much as possible. Never did before.

What would you recommend? Are there any good materials on the interwebz?

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Re: Improving in chess

Probably best to start studying the endgame, which is boring. Then study the openings, which is fun. Learn one opening against 1.e4 and one against 1.d4. And chose one opening as white. After that study tactics, mainly through puzzels. Play a lor and analyze your games afterwards with Fritz or whatever engine you prefer.
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Re: Improving in chess


and a few weeks probably won't do much...
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Re: Improving in chess

Basic opening strategy would do the trick, considering time limitations. Get some idea how to place your pieces.

Try to get two central pawns in the center (with black you more likely get just one). Play the knights out (nearer the center if possible), and the bishops (with black more likely you get one bishop out, then close its path with a pawn to get the other bishop out, and if not possible, you can place it in e.g. b7 or g7, after b6 or g6 pawn moves).

Castle (put the king to better safety), that gets one rook more central also. The queen you also can "develop" to the 2nd rank or so, so your rooks connect, and at least one of those rooks generally is put on the open vertical line or behind some center pawn.

You will also need one tactics book, learn some basic endgames, and later about middle game (but for now you will push some pawn(s) further there, and the knight is often going further also).

There should be some basic chess book(s) teaching basic stuffs. When I was a beginner, never having read anything, but a better player than my friend, he took a look (in a library) into one chess book and just saw how the pieces are places in the opening, and beat me.
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Re: Improving in chess

Thanks guys

Would you recommend any video series or books?
I know there is a lot of stuff out there, but i dont want to jump into some content that just isnt good. Since i am a beginner, i do not think i can make a correct judgement on what is good and what is not.

I am certainly a fish in chess, but it is not like i am a total beginner, i play from time to time for years (vs friends, online), just never really studied anything. Basically my current level is ~ I can beat almost all my opponents who have never studied the game extensivelly, but very few people who did.
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Re: Improving in chess
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